Displays all the proposed, missed or oprhaned Blocks for a specific time period.

Blue candles = Proposed Blocks , Green candles = Missed Blocks , Orange candles = Orphaned Blocks


Displays the amount of validators for each timestamp.


Displays the total amount of staked Ether (effective balance).


Displays the current average validator balance.


Displays how far the last finalized Epoch compared to the Head Epoch took place. A minimum of 2 epochs is caused by how finalization works. An empty timestamp as shown in the picture can be interpreted as a finalization problem. In that case all validators get punished.


Displays the participation of validators in the chosen time period.

Calculation: Participation rate = (number of attestations in last epoch) / (number of attesting validators)


Displays the average income of all validators per day starting off at the genisis block.


Displays the sum of all staking rewards and punishments of all validators on a specific day.

Example in the picture below: 1471.15 ETH have been lost on Februar 7th.


Measurement of the relation between effective balance validator and current balance validator of all validators. 100% means that the total locked ETH is actively being staked. Due to the fact that the effective balance cannot increase more than 32, but the current balance can, the Stake effectiveness decreases.


Displays the distribution of current balances of all validators for the current epoch.

Example in the picture below: 5404 validators at 3.28ETH .


Displays the distribution of effective balances of all validators.

Example in the picture below: 2200 at have an effective balance of 3ETH.


Displays the income distribution of all validators of the last 365 days.

Example in the picture below: 38 validators have gained 0.020360794 ETH.