Run a Slasher using


The slasher's purpose is to find malicious validators in the Ethereum 2.0 network and report slashable offenses to the beacon-node.


How does the slasher work?

The slasher is its own entity but requires a beacon-node to receive attestations. To find malicious activity by validators, the slashers iterates through all received attestations until a slashable offense is found. Found slashings are broadcasted to the network and the next block proposer adds the proof to the block. The block proposer get the reward for slashing - not the whistleblower(=Slasher).

Run a slasher

Make sure your beacon-node is in sync. If you need to run a beacon-node and validator, here is a guide for Windows and here for macOS.

Step 1.

Drag and drop the file into the Terminal window and add:
slasher --datadir=$HOME/prysm
That's it! The slasher now iterates through all attestations and sends proof to the detection service. Debug mode enabled with --verbosity=debug
For selfish slashing, add --disable-broadcast-slashings to the beaconnode.