Medalla Testnet: Lighthouse Client - macOS

Altona Testnet

Requirements: A synced Goerli node (Guide till step 3.)

1. Step

Installing Rust

Open a terminal window and paste the following in:
curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh
"Current installation options" Press "1" and confirm with Enter.
"Next time you log in this will be done automatically" Close this terminal window and open a new one.

2. Downloading and building Lighthouse

git clone cd lighthouse
and then run make
Wait a few minutes Once the process is done it will look like the following

3. Find the binary file

Open Finder and head over to ~/.cargo/bin/
Copy the Lighthouse file to a more convenient folder.

4. Start the beaconnode

Make sure the goerli node (ETH1) is running as mentioned in the requirements.
Drag and drop the Lighthouse file and add --testnet medalla beacon --eth1 --http --graffiti "<3"

5. Create ETH2 Wallet

Lighthouse allows you to create an ETH2 wallet and attach your validator keys.
Open a new Terminal window, drag and drop the Lighthouse file and add account wallet create --name my-validators --passphrase-file my-validators.pass
The 12 word mnemonic phrase can restore the ETH2 wallet - write the words down.
The wallet is located in $HOME/lighthouse

6. Create ETH2 Keys

Use the same Terminal window, drag and drop the Lighthouse file and add lighthouse account validator create --wallet-name my-validators --wallet-passphrase my-validators.pass --count 1

7. Depositing to Ethereum 2.0

First, find the deposit data of the newly created ETH2 Key , which is located in .lighthouse/validators/ There are two lighthouse folders, .lighthouse is a hidden folder. Enable hidden folders with CMD + Shift + .
Open the eth1-deposit-data.rlp file with a text editor. Copy the 842 long text sequence and follow these steps. Medalla Deposit contract address: 0x07b39F4fDE4A38bACe212b546dAc87C58DfE3fDC
The deposit will be recognised by the beacon-chain in 8.5 hours.

8. Starting the validator

Open a new terminal window, drag and drop the Lighthouse file and add validator --auto-register
In total there are three terminal windows running simultaneously! Track your validator performance.