Installing Docker on Windows Home

Installing Docker on Windows Home

Step 0.

Make sure you have Windows10 Home.

Since Docker is not available for Windows 10 Home, some workarounds are required and are solved by following this guide.

Step 1.

Download Docker but do not install yet.

Install Hyper-V by running the .bat file. (source)

Virtualization must be enabled (Guide)


Step 2.

Pretend being a Windows10 Pro user

  1. Open the "Registry Editor" and go to the following path:

    Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion

  2. Change EditionID to Professional and ProductName to Windows 10 Pro

  3. Immediately open the downloaded Docker File and install Docker.


In case of a PC restart, shutdown or Docker shutdown, the registry change above needs to be re-entered otherwise Docker will not start.

Step 3.

Change Docker File sharing settings and give access to C:


Change Docker's default memory to 4.00 GB