Fuzzing on Windows
Beacon Fuzzer guide for windows users.


​Fuzzing or fuzz testing is an automated software testing technique that involves providing invalid, unexpected, or random data as inputs to a computer program.


Download the Fuzzer

Step 0.

Open a terminal window and test if docker is up and running with docker -v

Step 0.

Continue with cd desktop followed by git clone https://github.com/sigp/beacon-fuzz


Edit the MAKE file

Head over to the desktop and open the downloaded folder beacon-fuzz . Continue to the subfolder eth2fuzz and open the Makefile file with a text editor.
Replace all DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1 in the Makefile with docker build \ and save the changes. There are five "DOCKER_BUILDKIT=1" in total. Alternatively, copy this file, which has everything replaced.


Step 0.

Open a terminal window and go to the eth2fuzz directory with cd desktop/beacon-fuzz/eth2fuzz

Step 1.

Build all clients and start fuzzing by running make fuzz-all
That's it, the process will take multiple hours!

Report Bugs

Search the beacon-fuzz folder for files called "crash-...", which is the bug file, and compress it to a zip file. Web tool to convert files into zip. Post the zip file on the beacon-fuzz github repository.
An example: crash-efc8b3f0753ddd9df52b066d2f4549d548a21a58
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