Beaconnode & validator using Docker

Step 0.

​Install docker ​

Step 1.

Check if Docker is installed through the terminal. This can be done by pressing CMD+Space and searching for Terminal.
Run docker -v . If the output returns the docker version, Docker is installed correctly.

Step 2.

Download and install latest beaconchain updates
docker pull
Download and install latest validator updates
docker pull

Create a docker network

docker network create --attachable medalla

Start the beaconnode

docker run -ti --name beacon-chain --network medalla -v $HOME/prysm:/data -p 12000:12000/udp -p 13000:13000 --datadir=/data --rpc-host=
The directory $HOME/prysm contains all the beaconchain data and can be accessed through Finder.
Wait for the beaconnode to be in sync with the blockchain. This may take a few hours and you will see the following message:
INFO initial-sync: Synced up to slot XXXXX

Step 3.

Create ETH2 Keys
Open a new Terminal window and run:
docker run -it -v $HOME/eth2validator:/data accounts create --keystore-path=/data --password=yourPassword
The created Keys are now located in $HOME/eth2validator
Copy the Raw Transaction Data and go to the participation page. Some of the instructions on the participation page will be ignored because they are not required anymore.
Follow the steps below to get Goerli ETH and to deposit them to activate your validator. If you cannot get any Goerli ETH through the participation page, join the Prysm Discord channel.

Step 4.

Start the validator
Open a new Terminal window and run:
docker run -ti --name validator --network medalla -v $HOME/eth2validator:/data --keystore-path=/data --datadir=/data --password=yourPassword --beacon-rpc-provider=beacon-chain:4000

Step 5.

Track your validator performance on with your public key (orange). Once the blockchain recognises the deposit, the explorer will allow you to track the validator more accurately.
Wait for the inclusionSlot (red) to be reached. Once the blockchain has processed this slot, you will be staking! The Slot number can be tracked here.

Running multiple validators

Repeat Step 3. and create more keys into the same directory. Use the same password for all keys.
Copy the Raw Transaction Data for each validator, re-do the process on the participation page and deposit for each of them.
Once the system has received all deposits, you can just start a single validator "window", and it will use all of the created keys (=multiple validators).
For further assistance, please join the Prysmatic Labs Discord channel.
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